Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 Oscars, the 91st Academy Awards

I hadn't watched the Oscars for years, and I missed the red carpet arrivals, but there was plenty to see during the awards portion! A nice little break from doing taxes.

This morning the stories were all about "pink" as the dominant color on the runway. That's okay, but what caught my eye are the fluid silver numbers!

As usual, Jennifer Lopez wore what many people would consider "the" dress, made with what looked like broken mirror pieces. The mirrored bits reflected the red carpet nicely too!
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Other silver dresses (I love silver) were worn to perfection by Brie Larson (and complimented by Samuel L. Jackson in classic form)... Embed from Getty Images

  ...America Ferrara...
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...Lily Aldridge...

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All images used by permission.